Muzak for the Observant Episode June 21, 2017

Transfigurative radio w/ Dalava

2:07pm - 3:05pm

Local artists Julia Ulehla and Aram Bajakian, aka Dalava, join for an intimate acoustic performance and chat about musical interpretation, historical representation and what-not.
Playing Vancouver Jazz Fest June 23, 2017 at Ironworks.

Track Listing:

Sem Chaso Spechajte
Dalava · (live)
Ej na tej skale vysokej
Dalava · (live)
Studena Rosenka
Dalava · (live)
Na Straznickem Rynku
Dalava · (live)
Last Kind Words
Geeshie Wiley · n/a
Dichterliebe (Schumann)
Fritz Wunderlich · n/a
Happiness is a Warm Gun
Marc Ribot · Saints
Sad Song
Lou Reed · Berlin
Swirlies · Blonder Tongue Audio Baton