Muzak for the Observant Episode February 1, 2017

Roosting Bats Are Restless Until Midmorning

2:02pm - 3:01pm

Boppin' poppin' bat tracks from In Drift, Tasseomancy, Foonyap, and Brasstronaut, to name a few.

Track Listing:

Amie You're
Little Sprout · S/T
The Pollution Is Killing Me
James O-L and the Villains · Cancer in Treble City
Neon God
Foonyap · Palimpsest
On To Me
Ace Martens · Palm Springs
A Swim
Twin Rains · Automatic Hands
Lesbo Vrouven · Grifff Pifff
Re: Lease Life (Place 2 Go)
Monomyth · Happy Pop Family
29 Palms
Tasseomancy · Do Easy
San Diego 1988
The Darcys · Centerfold
Brasstronaut · S/T
Follow The Leader
Foxygen · Hang
3 Reasons
In Drift · Better Days