Muzak for the Observant Episode September 28, 2016

One Free Muffin

2:02pm - 2:59pm

Musical highlights include Kim Gray, Fuzzy P, Snowblink, Strange Foots, and Gal Gracen. Meanwhile, Emily plans her weekend, starts a loyalty program, and loses her newly found confidence when the Powers That Be punish her for trying to play too much Animal Collective.

Track Listing:

Animal Collective · Painting With
When Tomorrow's Today
Kim Gray · Perfume
Cherry Plastic Earrings
Fuzzy P · On A Lawn
Million [acoustic version]
Strange Froots · Blossom This Froot For Thought
How Now
Snowblink · Returning Current
Speak To Carry Us
Douse · The Light In You Has Left
Ghost Radar
Deep Sixed · Deep 6
The Hard Part Begins
Gal Gracen · The Hard Part Begins
Way To Be Loved
Tops · Picture You Staring
Tops · Picture You Staring