Muzak for the Observant Episode March 10, 2016

Altameda live in studio!

1:59pm - 3:01pm

Canadiana four-piece from Edmonton, on a brief West Coast swing, stop by for a live set and chat. Topics covered include generic brand Eggos, Paul Dano, and Steve Albini.

Track Listing:

On The Beach
Neil Young · On The Beach
Broken Parts
Slates · Prairie Fires
Faith Healer · Cosmic Troubles
Christine's Tune
Flying Burrito Brothers · The Gilded Palace of Sin
Gates of Steel
Devo · Freedom of Choice
Dirty Rain
Altameda · (live)
Black Market
Altameda · (live)
Dead End Kid
Altameda · (live)
Borrowed Suit
Altameda · (live)
Burning Down
Altameda · (live)
Walk On
Altameda · (live)
Queen of the Street
Altameda · (live)