Muzak for the Observant Episode January 7, 2016

"New" (wink) Music!

2:00pm - 2:58pm

Tonnes of "New" music... Not a lie this time

Track Listing:

New Year
The Breeders · Last Splash
The Promised Year
Strength of Materials · Promised Year
Hey What's Wrong
Did you Die · Weird Love
No Outlet
Juliana Hatfield · Hey Babe
King Crimson · Discipline
Swim Team · Freedom/Constraint
The Past is Particles
Teleharmonium · Mother Generator
New Room
Chavez · Ride The Fader
New Rose
The Damned · Damned Damned Damned
New Day Rising
Husker Du · New Day Rising
New Love
Eric's Trip · Forever Again
Forest Relevations
Maven CX · Overburnt Afterdrive
Thank God it's Not Christmas
Sparks · Kimono my Soul