Muzak for the Observant Episode October 8, 2015

Muzac Department Show 10/08/2015

2:00pm - 2:59pm

Sachin sat in for Andy for his first show on CiTR

Track Listing:

London Thunder
Foals · What Went Down
Beautiful Blue Sky
Ought · Sun Coming Down
I Used To Pray For The Heavens To Fall
The Dears · Times Infinity Volume One
Hinds · Soundcloud
Freak Heat Waves · Mood Ring: Debaser Comp
2asmar Sa7ar
Jerusalem in my Heart · If He Dies, If If If If If If
Let's Be Bad
Childbirth · Women's Rights
Chastity Belt · Time To Go Home
Ain't So Simple
Protomartyr · The Agent Intellect
Radio Waves
Uubbuurruu · Swamp Ritual
Subs · yoU aRe yoU
I Want To Be Evil
Andrea Superstein · What Goes On