Muzak for the Observant Episode August 13, 2015

Colin Cowan - singin', chillin', chattin', rappin'

2:00pm - 3:00pm

An acoustic set from Colin Cowan (Dada Plan, Elastic Stars) interspersed with musical selections and banter

Track Listing:

Vaguely Mystical
Dada Plan · A Dada Plan is Free
I'll Masquerade It
Colin Cowan & the Elastic Stars · Spring Myths
Yesterday's Millionaires
Colin Cowan · (live)
Tiny Pyramids
Sun Ra · n/a
Moon Sees The Night
Malcolm Jack · I'm My Own Bewitchment
Beyond the Moon
Colin Cowan · (live)
Velvet Goldmine
David Bowie · ??
Savoy Truffle
The Beatles · White Album
Owing, Knowing All
Colin Cowan · (live)