Muse-ish Episode November 25, 2022

Muse-ish 65ish (Far out space face FM)

11:03am - 11:53am

ooooeeeee my sweet muses! This weeks episode is SO FAR OUT! Thanks to the sweet, interesting, heady and well crafted tunes of Canadian indie dream boats Bicycle Face and their NEW ALBUM for inspiring this playlist and the episodes theme this week! I Highly recommend listening to the whole thing and seeing how many sonically pleasing sea, pop and stellar references you can spot!

Track Listing:

muse-ish intro improv
Chronfused · citr improvs
hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
Douglas Adams/the BBC · hitch hikers guide to the gallery
Confessions od the Metropolis Spaceship
Salami Rose Joe Louis · Zdenka 2080
Life on Mars
David Bowie · Hunky Dory
Bicycle Face · Bicycle Space
Bicycle Face · Bicycle Space
Cosmic Girl
Jamiroquai · Travelling without moving
Cosmic Love
Salami Rose Joe Louis · Chapters of Zdenka
Flight of the Conchords · Flight of the Conchords
space improv
Chronfused · citr improvs