Muse-ish Episode September 2, 2022

Colorfulish Muse-ish 60ish

11:00am - 11:59am

Ahhhhhhhyesss what a colourful time we live in. It's fall, it's summer, it's all things at once and it's every hue in between, am I making sense? no
but i can at least make a rainbow

All colour themed songs by all canadian artists
you're welcome
(also thanks so much for listeningggg)

Track Listing:

intro improv
Chronfused · single
Nimkish, Mac Ramsay · Heartbreak on the Coast
Under the Blue of the Moon
Clea Anais · Circle Zero
I'm Blue
Kimmortal · X marks the Swirl
Light Blu
Busty and the Bass · GLAM
baby blue
the della kit · moonbeams & frequencies
colour improv
Chronfused · single
Mauvey · Night Skin, Pt. 3: Harvest
Red Light
Rachel Geek · Single
Colors of Us
Tee Krispil · Single
Missy D · yes mama
Chelsea McBride's Socialist Night School · Aftermath
Got your Money (hunni remix)
Chronfused · single (unreleased)