Muse-ish Episode September 10, 2021

Muse-ish 40ish (the other woman)

11:02am - 11:53am

Hey hey sweet inspiring babies, this episode is for the other person, the "side" thems, mens, and ladies. Inspired by one of the many podcasts in my rotation this week we have a bunch of songs, an improv, and a lil found sound on the subjects of multiple partners, infidelity and not so ethical non monogamy. If you have any sounds, songs, or improv inspirations please email them to:

Track Listing:

Muse-ish intro 40
Chronfused · Citr improvs
Fell in Love with a Girl
The White Stripes · Under the great white northern lights
Gavin Turek · Madame Gold
Dolly Parton · Jolene
Just Be Good to Me
Nicole Perkins · This American life; This Is Just Some Songs
Other Woman Improv
Chronfused · citr improvs
The Weekend
Sza · crtl
Ur Best Friend
Kiana Lede, Kehlani · Single
The other woman
Devendra Banhart · Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon
muse-ish outro improv 40
Chronfused · citr improvs