Muse-ish Episode August 6, 2021

Muse ish 38 (LIVE! and it feeels so gooood!)

10:59am - 11:44am

We're back my sweet muses! This week is all about reunions and FREINDSHIP and all that good stuff. Also an impro suggested by a real live lovely listener!

Track Listing:

Intro song
Chronfused · Citr improvs
Peaches and herb · 2Hot!
Get into it (yuh)
Doja Cat · Planet Her
While I’m alive
Femme it forward, Lauren Jauregui · Big Femme Energy vol 1
Now You’re here
Yola · Stand for myself
Bumblebee princess improv
Chronfused · Citr improvs
We made it
H.E.R. · Back of my mind
Slum Village, J Dilla · Detroit deli(a taste of Detroit)
Seize the Day
Paul McCartney ft Phoebe Bridgers · McCartney 3 imagined
Gavin Turek · Madame Gold