Muse-ish Episode February 12, 2021

Muse-ish ep 025 (I fundrive 25 aka I love to love tunes baby)

11:05am - 12:03pm

Ooooeeee my sweet muses, we finished up the fundrive and i heard thanks to you it was a huge success! Here are some citr shows I love as well as songs about all kindsa love. Thanks for a year of listening to me being weird and thanks to citr for letting me do this from my little corner of this unceded land.

Track Listing:

intro song 25
Chronfused · 2021 improvs
I carry your heart with me
E.E. Cummings · I carry your heart with me
Sampa the Great · The Birds and the BEE9
Khruangbin, Knxwledge
Dearest Alfred (MyJoy) · Single
Comfortable · Something Comfortable
Summer Girl
HAIM · Women in Music 3
Dave radio · citr
Cushy Radio · citr
Carmina Rae · I Will Play
Rivers Song · Single
Silk City ft Ellie Goulding
New Love · Single
Cakes da Killa
Luvs me not · Single
The Kindest Thing She Almost Did
Blythe Baird · best of button poetry
Queer FM · citr
Deliberate Noise · citr
Shookshookta Radio · citr
Fundrive outro
Chronfused · 2021 improvs