Muse-ish Episode November 13, 2020

Muse-ish episode 20 (post-war wake)

11:07am - 12:05pm

This week our episode is found-sound forward with poems by Ifrah Hussein and Kate Tempest as well as one recited by Michael Caine. We feature songs sound and stories of the people who didn't actively choose to be part of war but we none the less effected by it. The closing piece is part of the larger DYScomfort project by the Artemis Musicians' Society all of which can be found here:

Track Listing:

Post war Dream
pink floyd · the final cut
Ballad of a Hero
Kate tempest · spoken word piece
Warning of The industrial War Complex
Dwight D. Eisenhower · speech
Memoirs of the Mogadishu War in '93 — From Somalia, to Trump
Ifrah Hussein · vancouver poetry house
Hallelujah Money
Gorillaz Ft Benjamin Clementine · single
If by Rudyard Kipling and reflections on Peace
Michael Caine · Peace One Day
The Kids Are All Reich
Jojo Rabbit Feature Film clip · "Jojo Rabbit" Score
the gunners dream
pink floyd · the final cut
Monologue for Bassoon/UN survivor testimony
Isang Yun/Artemis Musicians' Society · DYScomfort