Muse-ish Episode June 12, 2020

muse-ish (MUSE-ish) 009

11:00am - 12:00pm

Muse-ish rides into your ear-waves again this time with 100% less denial, which is to say ACAB! PROTECT BLACK TRANS WOMEN! REMEMBER black lives matter now and always> Seriously my heart is so broken over and over that between recording the show, airing the show and even writing this description the bodies keep piling up. We have to dismantle white supremacy, and protect the most at risk of it's toxic bi-products.
These songs are all as new as possible while still being in the theme of paying attention and getting out of our bubble, finally.

Clear Mortifee /Hood Boi
Pacha Papa ft Magugu, Kaya Ko, Ashwaganda
Lizzo/Sza insta inspired improv
Shawn Wasabi, Sophia Black
Su Lee
Little simz

Track Listing:

intro improv 009
chronfused · muse-ish
ice palaces
kimmortal · x marks the swirl
we ain't friends
Tonye · something comfortable
so much more
clear mortifee · hood boi remix
share privilege
pacha papa ft magugu, kaya ko, ashwaganda · Grounded
Solange · When I get home
CHIKA · industry games
Lizzo/Sza insta improv
chronfused · muse-ish
shawn wasabi, sophia black · animal crossing single
I'll just dance
su lee · I'll just dance
you should call your mum
little simz · drop 6
outro imrov 009
chronfused · muse-ish