More Than Human Episode January 27, 2019

More Than Human 254

6:59pm - 7:57pm

Is this an hour of blissful new sounds including squelchy synths, acerbic acid, ambient soundtracks & breakbeat dub with the minimum of fuss from your host? Answers on a postcard please to the usual address...

Track Listing:

If All the People Took Acid (Octo Octa Loop Me into Infinity Remix)
FaltyDL · If All the People Took Acid - EP
Spirit Alien
D. Tiffany · Oscillate Tracks 001
Dem Young Sconies
Moodymann · Silentintroduction
Deena Abdelwahed · Khonnar
To My Benefitors
Jay Glass Dubs · Epitaph
Christoph De Babalon · Hectic Shakes - EP
Bendik Giske · Surrender
Day Aft8r (The_Greyz)
Brainwaltzera · Poly-Ana
Self-Playing Schmaltz
James Holden · A Cambodian Spring (Original Soundtrack)
Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett · Synthesizer and Percussion
Nuit Blanche
Mr Beatnick · The Synthetes Trilogy