More Than Human Episode February 11, 2018

More Than Human 235

5:59pm - 7:59pm

A very special two hour edition of the popular wireless programme about electronic tunes. Lots of fun noises and strange sounds for the family to enjoy. Ask the children to guess what the instruments are or perhaps to move around the drawing room in time to the music.

Track Listing:

Tool (I Don't Give A Shit)
Not Waving · Good Luck
One On All Times
Max McFerren · Never Online
Not Sure What To Do
Octo Octo · Silk To Dry The Tears
Mix 91
Terekke · Plant Age
Cry Of Love
Pharaohs · Silk To Dry The Tears
Luscious Life
Golden Teacher · Luscious Life
On Golden Seize
Metrist · Spoils
Kuniyuki Takahashi · Early Tape Works
Null Entropy
Kensington Gore · Hexagon
Streetmark · Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3
Claire P.
Richard Pinhas · Rhizosphere
Ocen Flow Zither (M.A. Beat! Remix)
Laraaji · Ocen Flow Zither (M.A. Beat! Remix)
Drawing Seeds
Kuniyuki Takahashi · Early Tape Works
Heptaod B
Johann Johansson · Arrival
November 26th 2016
KR75 · Ondular
Terekke · Plant Age
The Brain Of Oskar Panizza
Michael Bundt · Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3
Future Sound Of London · Lifeforms
Shatter (version)
Golden Teacher · Luscious Life
Robert Hood · Paradygm Shift vol 3
Why You Gotta?
Raf Reza · Proto