More Than Human Episode April 16, 2017

More Than Human 216

6:59pm - 7:59pm

On tonight’s pagan tinged edition tracks from Ramzi, Forest Swords, Talabomen, some classic Raymond Scott re-issues, a mighty synth-prog work-out and maybe even a little Wicker Man to remember the true nature of sacrifice. For Rowan...

Track Listing:

Unknown Mobile · Styles for Relaxation
Six Million Ways
Talaboman · The Night Land
The Highest Flood
Forest Swords · The Highest Flood
A Few More Pieces of Eight
Majeure · Apex
IBM Mt/St: "The Paperwork Explosion" (Instr.)
Raymond Scott · Manhattan Research, Inc.
Fire Leap
Paul Giovanni · The Wicker Man Soundtrack
Gordon's Gin
Human League · Travelogue
Rings Around Saturn · Erosion Pt. 2
Ramzi (feat. D. Tiffany) · Styles for Relaxation
The Music Box
Raymond Scott · Soothing Sounds for Baby: Vol. 1
Pepper Box
Peppers · Cosmic Machine - The Sequel
Playground Gateway
Belbury Poly · New Ways Out
Analogue Bubblebath
Aphex Twin · Classics