More Than Human Episode August 28, 2016

More Than Human 194

6:59pm - 8:00pm

Tons of fantastic electronic and experimental wonders for you including Dune inspired drum and bass; a trilogy of dubiness; new releases from Kemper Norton, Powder and Not Waving; plus our producer Matthew is on the air. Choice.

Track Listing:

Over Falls
Bruce Trail · Ravine Dream
As Above, So Below
Gonno & Nick Hoppner · Fantastic Planet
Redacted 4
Not Waving · Redacted
Light Dance
Powder · Light Dance
Tom Prilesky and Matt Tecson · Clairvoyance
Seekersinternational · TrustInDigikal / IfUWantMe 7"
Lath for Lath's Sake
eMMplekz · Lath for Lath's Sake
Who Goes There Dub
Monkey Marc · Monkey Marc VS The Planet Smashers
The Town
Kemper Norton · Toll
Seven Stones 1
Kemper Norton · Toll
The Northern Forests
Elizabeth Parker · The Living Planet (Music from the BBC TV Series)
Fly By Night
Bruce Trail · Ravine Dream