More Than Human Episode August 7, 2016

More Than Human 193

6:59pm - 8:03pm

Broadcasting live from Vancouver on unceded Musqueam territory, this is More Than Human: on tonight’s show exclusive new tracks from the forthcoming Pye Corner Audio album, Egyptian polymath inspired disco, a classic compilation from a somewhat unsung techno pioneer, and tons more. Ancient.

Track Listing:

NHK yx Koyxen · Doom Steppy Reverb
Crocodile Skin
Hieroglyphic Being · The Disco's Of Imhotep
Pye Corner Audio · Stasis
Crypto Currency
Derivatives · SSC 001
Segue · Over The Mountains
Aleksi Perälä · The Colundi Sequence - Volume 1
At the Heart of Stasis
Pye Corner Audio · Stasis
My Computer Is An Optimist
Anthony Shakir · Frictonalisms 1994 - 2009
Before The Death Of Rave
IVVVO · Future EP
Survive · Survive