More Than Human Episode May 8, 2016

More Than Human 186

6:59pm - 7:59pm

New offerings to the Lords of Synth from Gray Chalk, Dennis Young, Antwood; an exclusive preview of the new Pye Corner Audio / Dalhaus split; we say goodbye to Tomita and probably squeeze in a few gig recommendations as well. Snowflakes are dancing.

Track Listing:

Mellow Vibe
DJ Zozi · Mellow Vibe
Filia Diaboli
Concretism · Filia Diaboli
Mount Grace
Call Super · Nervous Sex Traffic
The Essential Wander
Dalhous · Run for the Shadows EP
The Simplest Equation
Pye Corner Audio · Run for the Shadows EP
Overlay Network
Antwood · Virtuous.scr
Found Trees
Dennis Young · Wave (Electronic Music 1984-1988)
BZ Reaction
Peder Mannerfelt · Controlling Body
60.497535, 4.912021
Gray Chalk · Now all things tend that way
Imogen's People
The Dandelion Set · A Thousand Strands (1975-2015)
The Engulfed Cathedral
Isao Tomita · Snowflakes Are Dancing