More Than Human Episode April 3, 2016

More Than Human 181

6:59pm - 7:59pm

On tonight’s show new tunes from Hintermass. Ash Koosha, Concretism, a little record store day announcement, upcoming gigs and an attempt at astral projection across the stars. Lofty.

Track Listing:

Wild Heart
Sasha Jan Rezzie · All My Dreams
Ash Koosha · I AKA I
Electric Hintermass (Sound Apart)
Hintermass · The Apple Tree
Beneath The City Streets
Concretism · Beneath The City Streets 7"
Kyoka · SH
Judy switched off the TV
The Dandelion Set · A Thousand Strands (1975-2015)
You're Me · Plant Cell Division
Ooh Uhh
Ash Koosha · I AKA I
Leon Vynehall · Rojus (Designed To Dance)
Weisbaden 455
Robert T · Spectrum
Private Places
Vindicatrix · Picking O'er The Bones