More Than Human Episode March 27, 2016

More Than Human 180

6:59pm - 7:59pm

Like a top score in darts MTH has reached the 180th edition - celebrate with new tracks by Mr Fingers, eMMplekz, Bwana; a preview of the forthcoming MoogFest; other just as exciting live opportunities; dancing; chin-stroking; and much more. Treble twenties.

Track Listing:

The Capsule's Pride (Bikes)
Bwana · Capsule's Pride (Bikes)
The Women
Anna Leopolder · Rojava - music, awareness & solidarity powered by female:pressure
Matt Karmil · IDLE033
Alessandro Cortini · Forse 1
Evening Side (Oneohtrix Point Never Edit)
Four Tet · Evening Side (Oneohtrix Point Never Edit)
Gloomy Leper Techno
eMMplekz · Rook to TN34
Guten Morgen In Koln
DIE PARTEI · La Freiheit Des Geistes
Blue Smoke
Ex-Terrestrial · Parawold
Planet 898/Circle is Drawn
Faten Kanaan · EP
iTAL tEK · Hollowed
MR Fingers · Outer Acid EP