More Than Human Episode March 6, 2016

More Than Human 178

6:59pm - 7:59pm

On tonight's show we’ve got brand new offerings from A Year in The Country, Hove, Bill Converse; some very creepy library music; gig news; and a great big thank you. Grateful.

Track Listing:

Another Vibe (Lolo's House Mix)
Bobby Draino · Arctic Travel
Journey to Arendal
Hove · Journey to Arendal
Rentiers Dub
Shape Worship · A City Remembrancer
Sea Bering
Bill Converse · Meditations/Industry
Judged By The Left Eye
Socrates That Practices Music · The Wire Tapper Volume 25
Songs From The Sentinels
A Year In The Country · Airwaves: Songs From The Sentinels
Ron Geesin · Last House On Dead End Street OST
French Pretzel · Kimono
Eric Peters · Last House On Dead End Street OST
Dawn Odyssey
David Fanshawe · Last House On Dead End Street OST
Fort Romeau · Secrets & Lies
Kino-I (Dub)
Ani · KINO-I