More Than Human Episode October 11, 2015

More Than Human 160

6:59pm - 8:00pm

English hauntology, American psuedo-ethnographical funk, Italian ambient, Australian house, Canadian introspection, and much much more. More Than Human - an international affair...

Track Listing:

Black Spuma
Black Spuma · Oasi - EP
CONCRETISM · Town Planning
Black Channels · Two Knock For Yes
Savant · Artificial Dance
Go Sceptre Go
Jonas Reinhardt · Palace Savant
Eye Of The People
Karen Novotny X · Nothing Here Now But These Recordings 78-79
The Gentle Murderer
Massimo Amato · La Centrale Elettrica
Donkey Punch
fantasticman · El Tropo
Cali Drought
Lone · Lemurian
Drew Gragg · Over-Under
(No Content
Ommm · Re-Animator, Vol. One
Suno Vidis
Robert A.A. Lowe & Rose Lazar · Eclipses