More Than Human Episode March 9, 2014

Broadcast on 09-Mar-2014

7:00pm - 8:00pm

Very special edition of More Than Human with guest DJ Kuma. Chats about the Art of Beatz, TKG and the Pan Ambient series, plus his thoughts of ten years broadcasting electronic goodness. Plus mighty mighty tunes. CAKE!

Track Listing:

Aqua 1
Donato Dozzy & Nuel · The Aquaplano Sessions
Double Cup (feat. Spinn)
DJ Rashad · Double Cup
Bathroom Mirror (Smash Patriarchy)
Connect_Icut · Small Town By The Sea
Chaostrophy (Coil Cover)
Gunshae · Chaostrophy (Coil Cover)
Nascent (Live)
The Log.OS · Pan Ambient Angeles
Mutant Footwork
Pure Filth Sound · Mutant Footwork
Dead Voices On Air · How Hollow Heart... [Live]
The Word "I" Does Not Exist
The Fertile Crescent · The Word "I" Does Not Exist
Shed · Shedding The Past