Mix Cassette Episode December 5, 2018


8:00pm - 9:00pm

Once again everyone, we are back with another version of mix cassette - and I seem to be on a complex and multi-genre excursion these days, with mix 11.1 being no exception. There are plenty of rhythms, acoustics, vocals, and a strong suite of new wave synth work towards the end - We begin with a crazy good opener from Rodrigo Amarante, which many of you may recognize from the t.v. show Narcos, followed by new exciting work from Rosalia, Paul Mac with the upbeat strong pop, and Goldfrapp haunting and melodic as always; we continue with an extended multidimensional suite featuring brand new work from Emile Kahn, Earl Sweatshirt, Noname, Men I Trust, and Hubert Lenoir, as well as strong classics from Madvillain and Gil Scott-Heron; we close with a toast to synthy new wave with Johnny Jewell, Partner, brand new 1975, Rilo Kiley, and a bonus gem for the heart and soul - Please enjoy~~

Track Listing:

Rodrigo Amarante · Narcos
DI MI NOMBRE - Cap.8: Éxtasis
Rosalia · El Mal Querer
Back In Brazil
Paul McCartney · Egypt Station
Lovely Head
Goldfrapp · Felt Mountain
Emilie Kahn · Island - single
Operation Lifesaver A.k.a. Mint Test
Madvillain feat. M.e.d. A.k.a. Medaphor, Lord Quas, Wild Child, Vicktor Vaughn, · Madvillainy
Shattered Dreams
Earl Sweatshirt · Some Rap Songs
Noname · Room 25
The Bottle
Gil Scott-Heron · Winter In America
Chilly Gonzales · Solo Piano III
Say, Can You Hear
Men I Trust · Say, Can You Hear
Hubert Lenoir · Recommencer - single
Between Worlds
Johnny Jewel · Windswept
The World Needs a Good Band
Partner · In Search of Lost Time
Give Yourself A Try
The 1975 · A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships
Rilo Kiley · Under The Blacklight (Standard Version)
More Than This
Roxy Music · Avalon