Mix Cassette Episode June 6, 2018


8:00pm - 9:00pm

Welcome back everyone - We have a pretty cool show to close out the 8 series - mix cassette 8.9 . For this show we get into some heavy guitar-driven rock & roll, electro-R&B, grunge, and hip-hop, with crazy great tracks galore. We begin with a suite of some of my favourite rock and roll c/o Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys, Wilco, Gang Of Four, and The Pretenders (!!); iBadBadNotGood and Ghostface introduce us into the next section of deep, shiny, grooves from Janelle Monae, Aléatoire, MUNYA, and Kallitechnis; we close with a stunning and brand new grunge rock track off of the equally impressive record from Courtney Barnett, instant classic cuts from Pusha T and Kanye, and, of course, the bonus gem - Please enjoy~~

Track Listing:

Man We Was Lonely
Paul McCartney · McCartney
Heroes and Villains
The Beach Boys · Smiley Smile
The Joke Explained
Wilco · Star Wars
Random Name Generator
Wilco · Star Wars
Damaged Goods
Gang Of Four · Entertainment
Up The Neck
Pretenders · Pretenders
BadBadNotGood & Ghostface Killah · Sour Soul
Crazy, Classic, Life
Janelle Monae · Dirty Computer
Smash Love
AlĂ©atoire · Smash Love - single
Trop Tard
MUNYA · North Hatley
Kallitechnis · muse - single
Signing Off
Courtney Barnett · Tell Me How You Really Feel
What Would Meek Do?
Pusha T feat. Kanye West · DAYTONA
Violent Crimes
Kanye West · ye