Mix Cassette Episode February 21, 2018


8:00pm - 9:00pm

Welcome back everyone - It is snowing here again in Vancouver, I walked 5 hrs in the blizzard, uphill both ways, to come to the studio for mix cassette 7.6 - Another stellar collection of tracks jostling between Indie rock / pop and hip hop and classic soul. We begin with the opener from one of my favourite rock records - the indie rock foundation, in my opinion - Interpol's 'Turn On the Bright Lights'. followed by a stunner from Vampire Weekend's 2013 classic lp, a smart electro-R&B jam from will.i.am, and a brand new quiet storm cut from Rhye; the second act features a new ambient rock cut from Typhoon, a classic soul sampling track from Common, one of the best songs of all time courtesy of Marvin Gaye - from the seminal 1971 record 'What's Going On?", brand new Daphni, and a serious cut from These Guy; we close Remy Shand pontificating, Pusha T and Rick Ross breaking it down, and a bonus gem that is limitless - Please enjoy~~

Track Listing:

Interpol · Turn On The Bright Lights
Hannah Hunt
Vampire Weekend · Modern Vampires of the City
Lay Me Down
will.i.am feat. Terry Dexter · Lost Change
Count To Five
Rhye · Blood
Tyhpoon · Offerings
Real People
Common · Be
Mercy Mercy Me
Marvin Gaye · What's Going On
Daphni · Joli Mai
New Modern Novelty Centre
These Guy · Who Is It?
Remy Shand · Archives, Vol. 2 (The California Instrumentals)
Hold On
Pusha T feat. Rick Ross · My Name Is My Name
We Major
Kanye West feat. Nas · Late Registration