Mix Cassette Episode February 22, 2017


8:00pm - 9:00pm

Welcome back everyone - another week, another mix cassette - 3.5! Hope you like all the new jams on this one, although we begin with some great acoustic blues from the Be Good Tanyas, we get right into brand new M.I.A., Bon Iver off his wonderful and messy record '22, A Million', and Sampha; following these tracks, Joe Cocker hits all the right notes in our hearts with 'You Are So Beautiful', J.Cole and Drake trade bars about morning romance, OutKast and Erykah Badu show us what 'Liberation' might sound like, and Junior Boys smooth things out (the only way they can); FUTURE, the 2017 new frontrunner for Album of The Year, takes over with two amazing trap cuts, and John Mayer makes a comeback; we close with a rare pre-announced bonus gem from Future Islands (brand new single!) - Please enjoy~~

Track Listing:

Lonesome Blues
The Be Good Tanyas · Chinatown
M.I.A. · P.O.W.A. - single
33 "GOD"
Bon Iver · 22, A Million
Sampha · Pressure
You Are So Beautiful
Joe Cocker · I Can Stand The Rain
In The Morning
J.Cole feat. Drake · Cole World: The Sideline Story
OutKast · Aquemeni
So This Is Goodbye
Junior Boys · So This Is Goodbye
Mask Off
Future · FUTURE
High Demand
Future · FUTURE
You're Gonna Live Forever In Me
John Mayer · The Search For Everything You Want - Wave One
Future Islands · Ran - single