Mix Cassette Episode August 31, 2016


8:00pm - 9:00pm

Welcome back everyone - It's a rainy evening and we are going to close out on some of the more dark and brooding material of the last mix cassette, and move towards some themes of warmth. It will take a little while to get there, but bear with me. We want to warm you up and prepare for hibernation, thus we are going to start with Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka, and then end with Kelis and Andre 3000 who helps to shed some light on Mr. Kiwanuka's dilemma regarding one's heart. In between and moving through, we have incredible tracks by N.E.R.D., Rhianna, Kanye, Grimes, The Weeknd, Drake, Gordon Lightfoot, Anne Murray, and of course, more Ocean. Please enjoy!

P.S. We are giving away two tickets to see Action Bronson on September 12th @ the Commodore! Email mixcassette13@gmail.com to enter (first person who can email me their personal top 3 albums of 2016 list, will win).

Track Listing:

Cold Little Heart
Michael Kiwanuka · Love & Hate
N.E.R.D. · In Search Of...
Kiss It Better
Rhianna · ANTI
Kanye West · The Life Of Pablo
Grimes · Visions
Loft Music
The Weeknd · Trilogy
Doing It Wrong
Drake (feat. Stevie Wonder) · Take Care
If You Could Read My Mind
Gordon Lightfoot · Gord's Gold
Anne Murray · This Way Is My Way
Facebook Story
Frank Ocean · Blonde
Frank Ocean · Blonde
Thank You
Blood Orange · Freetown Sound
Kiss of Life
Sade · The Ultimate Collection
Kelis (feat. Andre 3000) · Tasty