Mantra Episode February 19, 2022

// effervescent nonsuch magestii //

5:12pm - 5:59pm

An improvised and intuited blend of organic electronic nu-gaia vibrations – eclectic structures, lush layers, and benevolent static – soundtracking the convergence of spirit and the technosphere. Hosted / mixed by Raghunath Khe.

Music from Ochre, Djimboh, Monkey Safari, Deepness + Ignacio Berardi + Jessica Zese, Paax w/ Themba, Adassiya + Bakean + David Abitbol, Woob, Jon Hopkins + Ram Dass + East Forest, Sarah Davachi, and Raghunath Khe.

Track Listing:

Weak Transponder
Ochre · Beyond the Outer Loop
Djimboh · Tales of Romance II
Monkey Safari · [single]
Deepness, Ignacio Berardi, Jessica Zese · Rise
Djorolen (Themba's Herd Extended Remix)
PAAX · [single]
Mon Amour
Adassiya, Bakean, David Abitbol · Rebirth
Recreational Waves
Woob · Suite 59201
Sit Around The Fire
Jon Hopkins, Ram Dass, East Forest · [single]
Doubled Flutes
Sarah Davachi · Antiphonals
Brahma Muhurta Chorus
Raghunath Khe · Navadvipa