Mantra Episode January 22, 2022

// fred's sparkly threads //

5:01pm - 5:59pm

An improvised and intuited blend of organic electronic nu-gaia vibrations – eclectic structures, lush layers, and benevolent static – soundtracking the convergence of spirit and the technosphere. Hosted / mixed by Raghunath Khe.

Music from Gimmik, The Human Experience, Sven Kössler w/ Si Matthews, Ishq, Wassu + Djimboh, Pambouk, Shai T, Mike Hodsall, Kaya Project w/ Pooja Tiwari, Arushi Jain, Hedrun, Dabeat, Sarah Davachi, Yumi Iwaki, and Green-House.

Track Listing:

Mort D'une Ombre
Gimmik · Entre Les Chambres
Rising Tides
The Human Experience · [single]
A(i) (Re-Imagined By Sven Kössler & Si Matthews)
Sven Kössler · Bck T• Lvng
Nature 4
Ishq · Digital Nature
Wassu & Djimboh · Kavi EP
Forest Language
Pambouk · Janabar
Shai T · [single]
Ping Pong Melancholy
Mike Hodsall · Atmospheres: Music For Films That Don't Exist
Souls Entwined (The Ambient Drift Mix)
Kaya Project ft. Pooja Tiwari · Souls Entwined
The Sun Swirls Within You
Arushi Jain · Under the Lilac Sky
Hedrun · Dear Craving / Chirp
The Wish Granting Stone
Dabeat · [single]
Rushes Recede
Sarah Davachi · Antiphonals
Whistling at Night Attracts Snakes
Yumi Iwaki · Juniper
Green-House · Chysis