Mantra Episode March 7, 2020

// obsidioso + patoula.magii //

5:03pm - 5:57pm

An improvised and intuited blend of organic electronic nu-gaia vibrations – eclectic structures, lush layers, and benevolent static – soundtracking the convergence of spirit and the technosphere. Hosted / mixed by Raghunath Khe.

Music from Ontol, Mr. ID ft. Faycal Azizi rmxb. West & Hill, Fka Mash, Hedflux & Alex Delfont, Valeron rmxb. Derun, M.A.N.D.Y. rmxb. Maga, Timujin rmxb. Fake Mood, Niemi, Veroníque Vaka, Sofie Birch, Dove Magic, Adham Shaikh, Hibernation, The Swan And The Lake, Blank Embrace, and Barbara Buchholz.

Track Listing:

Ontol · The Ambient Files (Mixed by Stars Over Foy)
Layalina (feat. Faycal Azizi) [West & Hill Remix]
Mr. ID · Layalina Remixes
Lonely Jester
Fka Mash · Lonely Jester EP
Cloud Mountain
Hedflux & Alex Delfont · Kin
Misirlou (Derun Remix)
Valeron · [single]
Tonite (Maga Remix)
M.A.N.D.Y. · Tonite 2020
Yamar (Fake Mood remix)
Timujin · Unearthed Delights Part I
Soua sorsa / Rowing duck
Niemi · Spiraalit / Spirals
Veroníque Vaka · Erlendis
Hills Bells Mother
Sofie Birch · Planetes
Dove Magic · Dove Magic
Blossom Part 7
Adham Shaikh · Blossom Vol 2
Familiar Stars Intro
Hibernation · Collected Downtempo Vol. 4
Sao Paolo
The Swan And The Lake · Copenhagen 2018 Vol 2
Indulgence IV
Blank Embrace · Warm Scars
Notchnoy Monolog
Barbara Buchholz · Theremin: Russia With Love