Mantra Episode November 17, 2018

// the mellow submarine //

5:04pm - 5:59pm

An improvised mix of organic electronic nu-gaia vibrations - eclectic beats, lush layers, and medicine song - soundtracking the convergence of spirit and the techno-sphere.

Music from Naw, Hedflux & Alex Delfont, Celer, Ancestral Elephants, Peter Power, Andi Otto, AmuAmu, Dreems, Barbara Buchholz, Blank Embrace, Blank Embrace, Laboratorium Piesni, Djrum, Merkaba, and Iderdown.

Track Listing:

Three figures appeared in the field
Naw · Staring At The Sun From The Spirit Pit
Hedflux & Alex Delfont · Kin
Delaying the Entropy; In Emptiness, Forms Are Born
Celer · Discourses of the Withered
Ancestral Elephants · Infinitum
Jungle Junk
Peter Power · Jungles of Ufordia
Gavotte Mantra
Andi Otto · Bow Wave
AmuAmu · Bebendo com o Universo
Bilbio Bush Baby
Dreems · Running Mate
Notchnoy Monolog
Barbara Buchholz · Theremin: Russia With Love
at 177 V
Blank Embrace · Floral
Letila Zozula
Laboratorium Piesni · Sound Meditation
Showreel, pt. 2
Djrum · Broken Glass Arch
Merkaba · Tribal Technology pt. 1
Movement I
Iderdown · ap050918