Mantra Episode May 5, 2018

// luscious leviathan lectronicush //

5:06pm - 5:59pm

An improvised mix of organic electronic nu-gaia vibrations - eclectic beats, lush layers, and medicine song - soundtracking the convergence of spirit and the techno-sphere.

Music from bvdub, Erothyme feat Little Star, Subaqueous feat Marya Stark & Boaz Drum, Cosmic & Damiao, Meca Meca, Spume, Haitchc, Kuba, Information Ghetto w/ Squire, Bawrut, Re.You & Floyd Lavine, Three Hands Collective, Sheila Chandra, and Ali Maya.

Track Listing:

Rainless (R)ivers
bvdub · A Different Definition of Love
Deep Field (feat. Little Star)
Erothyme · A Light in the Deeper Spaces
Invoco (ft. Marya Stark and Boaz Drum)
Subaqueous · Shatter Spell
Cafe para Acordar
Cosmic & Damiao · Paralaxe Ordinario EP
Meca Meca · VA - Undersound Vol 3
Tide-Fall (Dronly Mix)
Spume · Tide/Fall
Haitchc · [single]
Before They Slip Away
Kuba · Animalia
Herbarium (Squire Remix)
Information Ghetto · Mental Harp
Bawrut · 4x4
Re.You & Floyd Lavine · [single]
Three Hands Collective · Lunare EP
Abonecronedrone 3
Sheila Chandra · ABoneCroneDrone
Wash Away
Ali Maya · Oceans of Compassion