Mantra Episode October 1, 2016

// indrogenous twitterpations //

5:05pm - 5:59pm

An improvised mix of electronic and acoustic nu-gaia vibrations - eclectic beats, lush layers, and medicine song - soundtracking the convergence of spirit and the techno-sphere.

Music from Lido Pimenta w/ El Buho, Loon in Essence, Haitchc, Om, Eternell, Nico Cruz w/ History of Colour, Hello Mellow, Zen Baboon, Phaeleh, Biasph Mana, and Digital Samsara.

Track Listing:

Humano (El Buho Humano en la Selva Edit)
Lido Pimenta · Humano
Glacial Sapients
Loom In Essence · DigitAlchemy
Navadvip PM
Haitchc · Deside
Jota Karloza (Yor Kultura Remix)
Eternell · Portals
Colibria (History of Colour Remix)
Nicola Cruz · Prender el Alma (Remixed)
A Passage in Time
Hello Mellow · Space Forming Vol 2
Pe Na Praia
Zen Baboon · Suber
Phaeleh · All That Remains
Audio trakk
Biasph Mana · Ranganath Puja
Digital Samsara · Blue Beryll