Mantra Episode August 13, 2016

// to hack the ether -/- maidens of the matrix //

5:05pm - 5:58pm

Featuring a live interview with multi-disciplinary cyber-feminist artist Miki Aurora.

Music from Enuui, Ishq, Master Minded, Kalya Scintilla, Omni Vu Deity, Raghunath Khe, and Martin Nonstatic.

Track Listing:

Enuui · Shin'ei
Ishq · And Awake
The Inner Conflict
Master Minded · Phases
Dragon Tree
Kalya Scintilla · Listen to the Trees
Omni Vu Deity · Uvunayatu
To Hack The Ether / Soundtrack
Raghunath Khe · To Hack The Ether / Soundtrack
Martin Nonstatic · Granite