Mantra Episode December 12, 2015

Mantra Radio - December 12th 2015

5:03pm - 5:58pm

An improvised mix of electronic and acoustic nu-gaia vibrations - eclectic beats, lush layers, and medicine song - soundtracking the convergence of spirit and the techno-sphere.

Music from Woob, Sixis, Ocoeur, Digital Rust, Life in a Box, Desert Dwellers w/ Aligning Minds, Symbolic & Zen Machine w/ Kaya Project, Max Cooper, Edamame, Nicola Cruz, Goopsteppa, and Haitchc.

Track Listing:

Low Rez Skyline
Woob · MXV
Wandering Deeper
Sixis · Refraction Point
Ocoeur · Ion Driver Presents:
Digital Rust · Loophole
Life In A Box · Ion Driver Presents:
Shimmer II
Woob · MXV
The Great Mystery (Aligning Minds Remix)
Desert Dwellers · The Great Mystery Remixes Part 2
Psychological Effects (Kaya Project Remix)
Symbolic and Zen Mechanics · Psychological Effects - Remixes
Max Cooper · Expressions
Edamame · Paper Lanterns
Prender el Alma
Nicola Cruz · Prender el Alma
Dew Drops
Goopsteppa · In Betweens
Haitchc · Anythinglike