Mantra Episode August 8, 2015

Mantra Radio - August 8th 2015

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Music from Manual, Brooklyn Gypsies w/ Zeb, Rumpistol & Red Baron, Beck, Coil, FC Kahuna w/ Max Cooper, Adham Shaikh, Lulacruza, Desert Dwellers, Peia, Zaigonen, Grouch w/ Master Margherita, and Radioactive Sandwich.

Track Listing:

Dizzy Sun
Manual · Little Darla Has A Treat For You V24
Fafisa (Zeb Remix)
Brooklyn Gypsies · Turntables on the Hudson Vol. 10 Uptown Downtown
Rumpistol & Red Baron · Floating
Borrowed Stuff (w/ Kar Melly)
Haitchc · Anythinglike 2
Coil · Stolen and Contaminated Songs
Hayling (Max Cooper Remix)
FC Kahuna · Hayling (Max Cooper Remix)
Dew Daisy
Adham Shaikh · Resonance
Invocación feat. Aterciopelados
Lulacruza · The Visual Album
Walking Between
Desert Dwellers · The Great Mystery
Zarad Tebe
Peia · Four Great Winds
An Essential Eclipse
Haitchc · Anythinglike 2
Trojan Hyper Dub
Zaigonen · Dub Warriors Vol. 1
Vaishnava Gita
Swamipada · Lost Temple Tapes
Indifference (Master Margherita Remix)
Grouch · Afro Dots
Leaving the Desert
Radioactive Sandwich · Mirage Remixed