Mantra Episode April 11, 2015

Mantra Radio - April 11th 2015

5:00pm - 6:00pm

A flashback episode, featuring tracks from 1995 - 2000 era, and including a 35 minute segment of PsyAmb's mix - Time Travellers, courtesy of Music from Peaking Goddess Collective, Grey Area, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Makyo, Celtic Cross, Drift, Nomads of Dub, Alien Soap Opera, and OTT w/ Hallucinogen.

Track Listing:

peaking goddess collective · chillogram
Grey Area · Penumbra
Metrosat 4
Carbon Based Lifeforms · Fahrenheit Project - Part Three
Psybient Podcast #5
PsyAmb · Psybient.Org
Trail Out
Mishrow · Lush Dreams
Angelic Particles
OTT · Halluncinogen in Dub