Mantra Episode January 10, 2015

Mantra Radio - January 10th 2015

5:00pm - 6:00pm

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Track Listing:

Slowly Rising
Bluetech · Dreaming into Being
Water Rebirth
Darpan & Bhakta · Temple of Glowing Sound
In Orbit
Fredrik Ohr · Waypoint
Dhyana And Donalogue
Sheila Chandra · Weaving my Ancestors Voices
The Pineal Gland Exposure 936hz
Master Minded · Heart and Soul
The Wisdom Shall Overcome
Buddhist Monks Of Maitri Vihar Monastery · Mantras And Chants Of The Delai Lama
Ishq · Live at the Morrison Planetarium
Flooting Grooves & Master Margherita · Mastura
everything opened up
stars as eyes · freedom rock
Vedic Chanting (Two)
Ravi Shankar · Chants of India
Nanuk (Whitebear) · Middle Peace Compilation
Bhagavan das · Ah
Rich in Loss
Guru Shishya · Waypoint
Vaishnava Bhajan
Ry Cooder & Ronu Majumdar · Hollow Bamboo