Mantis Cabinet Episode March 5, 2013

Mantis Cabinet 05-Mar-2013

1:09pm - 1:09pm

A Calling; A Devotion, Cave Singers, Doldrums, Monsters Build Mean Robots, The Pugs and Crows Band, The Sea and the Cake, The Holydrug Couple, Glass Armonica, Efterklang, Moji Moji.

Track Listing:

Part II
A Calling; A Devotion · A Nurse's Story of War
Black Leaf
Cave Singers · No Witch
Golden Calf
Doldrums · Lesser Evil
Psalm 57
Monsters Build Mean Robots · We Should Have Destroyed our Generals Not Their Enemies
We Must Befriend the Ice Queen
The Pugs and Crows Band · Fantastic Pictures
Clever Creatures
Cave Singers · No Witch
Neighbors and Townships
The Sea and the Cake · Runner
The Holydrug Couple · Noctuary
Strange Figure
Glass Armonica · S/T EP
Efterklang + Sydney Symphony · Live Recording
El Sapo
Moji Moji · Toda Esta a naturalza...