Mantis Cabinet Episode February 26, 2013

Mantis Cabinet 26-Feb-2013

1:03pm - 1:03pm

Signals to Vega, Clearside, Five Alarm Funk, Aboombong, Kovlo, Tyranahorse, Long Distance Calling, Sweet Brown, Godspeed You Black Emperor!

Track Listing:

Oh, Rhein
Signals to Vega · Into the Arms of Infinity
Sandblasted [on asid]
Clearside · [Shape_Shifted]
wash your face
five alarm funk · rock the sky
Aboombong · Adumbral: etudes dans le controle imprecis
Mahler's alternative take
Kovlo · "Tutti Giù - Everybody sometimes falls" OST
Rumble Tumble
Tyranahorse · Garbage Bears
Long Distance Calling · The Flood Inside
Ain't Nobody got Time for That
Sweet Brown · Autotune Single
Their Helicopter's Sing
Godspeed You Black Emperor · Alelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!