Mantis Cabinet Episode December 18, 2012

Mantis Cabinet 18-Dec-2012

1:08pm - 1:08pm

Yndi Halda, Jethro Tull, Tennis, Cowpuncher, The Hylozoists, Bend Sinister, Parliament, Trampled by Turtles, Do Make Say Think.

Track Listing:

We Flood Empty Lakes
Yndi Halda · Enjoy Eternal Bliss
Mother Goose
Jethro Tull · Aqualung
Tennis · Young and Old
Stupid Tattoo
Cowpuncher · Call me when your Single
Bubbles and Wheezy
Hylozoists · L'ille de Sept Villes
One Shot
Bend Sinister · Small Fame
Parliament · Osmium
Midnight On The Interstate
Trampled By Turtles · Stars and Satellites
Bound to be that Way
Do Make Say Think · You, your a history of rust