Mantis Cabinet Episode October 9, 2012

Mantis Cabinet 09-Oct-2012

1:02pm - 1:02pm

Oh No! Yoko, Dananananakroyd, Minus the Bear, Tower of Power, Desi, Xena (Joseph LoDuca, Australasia, Quantam Fantay, The Locomotive Sound Corporation, Red Sparrows.

Track Listing:

Buki Bag
Oh No Yoko · Pau Pau
Some Dresses
Dananananakroyd · Hey Everyone
Minus the Bear · Infinity Overhead
It's not the Crime
Tower of Power · Urban Renewal
Desi · Unknown
Theme Song
Joseph LoDuca · Xena Soundtrack
Australasia · Sin4tr4
Kukuriku Pt2
Quantam Fantay · Bridges of Kukuriku
Locomotive Sound Corporation · Unknown
The Great Leap Forward
Red Sparrows · Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun