Mantis Cabinet Episode October 2, 2012

Mantis Cabinet 02-Oct-2012

1:08pm - 1:08pm

Beach House, Baths, Do Make Say Think, Bassment Express, Vieo Abiungo, The Brother's Johnson, Colleen, Bob Wiseman, As the Poets Affirm.

Track Listing:

Wedding Bells
Beach House · Devotion
Your ny excuse to Travel
Baths · Cerulean
In Mind
Do Make Say Think · You, Your a History in Rust
Bassment Express · The Drones of 2100
Our Racing Hearts
Vieo Abiungo · And the World is still Yawning...
Strawberry Letter #23
Brother's Johnson · Classics, Vol 11
Goodbye Sunshine
Colleen · Everyone Alive Wants Answers
All Dressed Up
Bob Wiseman · Beware of Bob
As the Poets Affirm · I want to tell my heart to you, but it doesn't speak english