Mantis Cabinet Episode May 2, 2012

Mantis Cabinet 02-May-2012

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Mister Lizard, Bearshark, Minus the Bear, Sharks Keep Moving, Piglet, This Town Needs Guns, Tortoise, Like Animals Again, Oysterhead.

Track Listing:

01 Dá-me Tudo O Que Tu Tens!
Mister Lizard · Heavy Funk
Suddenly... Koala Bear Dance Party!
Bearshark · Gorille Defense EP
Potato Juice and Liquid Bread
Minus the Bear · This is what I know about being gigantic
First Instrumental
Sharks Keep Moving · Sharks Keep Moving
Bug Stomp
Piglet · Lavaland
This Town Needs Guns · Animals
The Taut and the Tame
Tortoise · Millions Now Living Will Never Die
Resilliant and Green
Like Animals Again · Comfortable Dungeon
Mr. Oysterhead
Oysterhead · Oysterhead