Mantis Cabinet Episode February 1, 2012

Mantis Cabinet 01-Feb-2012

3:00pm - 5:00pm

The Rain and the Sidewalk, Dixie's Deathpool, World Club, Lost Lover's Brigade, Hey Ocean, The Peptides, PrOphecy Sun, Colourful Language.

Track Listing:

The Rain and the Sidewalk · Stuck EP
sunlight is collecting on my face
Dixie's Death Pool · The Man With Flowering Hands
world swallower
world club · live-able via-bility
The Lost Lover's Brigade · Little Skeletons
Hey Ocean · Big Blue Wave EP
For those who hate the human race
The peptides · For those who hate human interaction
For those who have to shave and shower for a date
The Peptides · For Those Who Hate Human Interaction
Don't Forget Me
prOphecy Sun · not for dogs
Prehistoric Lovers
Colourful Language · This is a Test