Mantis Cabinet Episode July 11, 2011

Mantis Cabinet 11-Jul-2011

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Lotsa good stuff, Colin Stetson, Efrim Manuel Menuck, Young Galaxy, Geoff Berner, Austra, Cowpuncher, Jon Cohen Experimental, Like Animals Again. Werd. Enjoyzz.

Track Listing:

A 12 pt program for keep on keepin' on
Effrim Manuel Menuck · Plays "High Gospel"
Cover Your Tracks
Young Galaxy · Shapeshifting
Peace to Pieces
Jon Cohen Experimental · Behold
laughing jackie the pimp
geoff berner · victory party
The Stars in his Head
Colin Stetson · New History of Warfare Vol 2
Kill all the Artists
Cowpuncher · Cowpuncher
Beat and Pulse
Austra · Feel it Break
Resiliant and Green
Like Animals Again · Comfortable Dungeon
Lucky Number Seven
Jon Cohen Experimental · Behold