Mantis Cabinet Episode April 18, 2011

Mantis Cabinet 18-Apr-2011

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Matt Pond PA, MVMNV, The Sight Below, Piglet, Wires Under Tension, 1-speed Bike, Geoff Berner, Hauschka, Hylozoists

Track Listing:

Matt Pond PA · The Dark Leaves
With Her Kiss (I'd Pass the Sky)
The Sight Below · No Place for Us
Little Bubble, Where You Going
Piglet · Lava Land
It Begins (Wormhole)
MVMNT · 120 Sheets
Luck in Exile
Geoff Berner · Klezmer Mongrels
We Trade You Sting For A Toyota Pickup Filled with Weed
1-Speed Bike · Pashto Translator Needed
The Crippled Giant
Hylozoists · La Nouvelle Gauche
Mnemonics in Motion
Wires Under Tension · Light Science
Sunny Mission
Hauschka · Foreign Landscapes